Especially if you’re in an older home or workplace, you’ve probably run into the issue of not enough outlets for the number of electronic devices in use daily. Even if there are enough, they are often not in the right place.

Enter the extension cord.

Extension cords allow us to get power from an outlet to our devices that are several yards away. However, that benefit comes with a cost.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that there are around 4,000 injuries from extension cords per year. An even more sobering statistic, 3,300 home fires per year can be traced back to extension cords, averaging 50 fatalities.

Fire is just one of the top three hazards frequently attributed to extension cords. The Houston Chronicle reports that tripping is a common but dangerous hazard, especially in busy workplaces.

Running a cord across a walkway to reach that desk lamp might seem like a good idea at the time, but it can result in injury and potential property damage. Electrical burns from damaged cords is a third major danger.

If you have pets or small children at home, they’re at the highest risk; half of the extension cord related injuries children suffer come from electrical burns to the mouth.

If you’re thinking there has to be a better way than risking these kinds of severe consequences, you’re right. The Wireless-electric Grid LAN (“WigL”) power offers a wireless power solution, cutting the cord for good.

With transmitters built directly into the wall sending power straight to your devices, you’d never have to worry about arranging your home or office around outlets again.

In case you’re worried about powering everyone else’s houses as well as your own, WigL is able to encrypt power in the same way that WiFi providers encrypt data, ensuring security.

The lack of physical electrical wiring would mean that electricity fires would no longer be a concern, saving both property and lives.

Electrocution and burn injuries would not be possible under WigL’s model. Workplaces would no longer need to worry about taping down cords to prevent tripping.

Time would be saved even at the basic level of education, since many employees need coaching on extension cord dos and don’ts. You would never again have to spend time in the electrical equipment aisle, searching for which cords are rating for outdoor use.

WigL could transmit power to your outdoor devices — even your seasonal Christmas lights — as well.

If getting rid of the hassle and hazards of extension cords sounds good to you, find out more about how WigL can create solutions!